Vacuums: Before you Buy! It's Important to know what kind of vacuum is going to suit your home best! Vacuums come in an array of different types and styles varying from body type to filtration style. Different types of vacuums will cater to different homes better so make sure you know what's going to work best for you before you purchase. Read through our description of different machine types to better understand what will work for you! Canister Vacuums: Often seen as the traditional style of vacuum cleaner, the Canister Vacuum is a pull behind system where the motor and filter rests on the ground and is pulled using a hose. Often canister vacuums work better for homes with different floor types as the cleaning heads can be changed to accommodate for hard-floors or carpets. Canister Vacuums are generally more capable of containing larger motors and higher bag capacities which make them ideal for larger families and pet owners. Upright Vacuums: Upright vacuums are a great solution for homes with mainly carpet. The major benefit of upright vacuums is that they are all in one piece which can make them quicker and easier to move and use. Most uprights feature roller brushes that dig into the carpet to offer a deeper clean. Attachments and hoses are often hidden on board which makes cleaning more than just floors quick and easy. Uprights, although generally tall, are easy for storage as they are all one piece. Roller Brush on/ off switches allow most uprights to work of hard-floors but as it is the same head used on carpet they generally don't perform as well as canisters and have a tougher time reaching under and in tight areas. Stick-Vacs: Stick-Vacs are compact upright vacuums built for both quick cleans and smaller places. They offer a compact shape and size for quick and easy use. Stick-vacs come both corded and battery powered. Stick-vacs generally feature smaller motors as they are compact which means most aren't designed as a main vacuum cleaner and will only pick up surface messes. If you are looking to use a stick-vac as a main vacuum it's very important to know the power and lifespan of the machine before purchasing. SOME PRODUCTS ARE OFFERED ONLINE ONLY