Miele C2 Cat & Dog


 The Miele C2 Cat & Dog is the absolute top pick for a compact canister!

Our favorite features:

  • High-quality compact canister can last upwards of 15 years
  • High-Quality, compact powerhead
  • Incredibly light-weight design
  • Ergonomic handle makes cleaning feel easy
  • very quiet
  • Rigorous filtration system that removes 99.9% of particles


Miele Compact C2 Cat and Dog Review (Canada), C3 Comparison | Pet My CarpetThe Miele C2 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum is the premium option for our best-selling line!


The Miele C2 Cat & Dog is a light-weight all-rounder that consistently exceeds expectations. The Cat & Dog is the only C2 that features an electric powerhead. All in, the canister weights ten and a half pounds. This weight makes it incredibly easy to transport and use. Ease of use is further improved by the three castor wheels that move the canister. The wheels spin horizontally to match the current direction of travel which means the C2 snags less than a traditional fixed wheel designed. A ten metre cleaning area also makes cleaning easy by reducing the amount of plugs needed to be used while cleaning.


Buy-Miele Compact C2 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum - Vacuum Plus CanadaThe C2 Cat & Dog relies on 3 layers of filtration: The bag, pre-motor filter, and exhaust filter. The high-quality 3D bags capture all coarse and virtually all fine debris. The bag features multiple filtration layers to both improve filtration and performance. The bag dispersed dirt evenly and allows the vacuum to pull from all sides of the bag so the vacuum doesn’t get bogged down even when nearly full. The pre-motor filter ensures that any debris that manages to get through is blocked before reaching the motor. The Miele C2 Cat & Dog features a charcoal exhaust filter that neutralizes odours. This makes it perfect for tackling pet smells!


The SEB217-3 has been a staple powernozzle for almost 20 years! The low-profile and weight of the head make it perfect a great choice for people looking for an easy cleaning solution. Vents on the side of the head pull dirt in from baseboards and edges. Removing and cleaning the roller brush is a simple task with 2 big, yellow tabs holding the brush in place. A geared belt is used to extend the lift of the belt so less servicing is needed! Two swivel points at the elbow mean that the head is incredibly easy to swivel and push. The head can fit into tight spaces by laying the wand down sideways. This allows the head to fit under beds, cabinets, and furniture.

Buy Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Canister Vacuum from Canada at  McHardyVac.comStorage:

Storage is made simple with a one touch cord rewind. Simply push the grey button at the back of the canister and the cord retracts by itself. There are two mounts on the side of the canister that allow the vacuum to be stored with all the tools on the side. This means that the whole vacuum can be stored together.




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SEB 217-3 Powerhead
SBB 235-3 Floor Brush
Weight: 10.6 LBs
6 Speed Dial
Bag Capacity: 3.5L (FJM)
1200W Motor
5 year warranty
Hose: Electric
Wand Style: Telescopic
Range: 30′
Colour: Canary Red
Filter Type: Carbon Filtration

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