Airstream+ Cordless Stickvac


The Airstream+ is the newest addition to their cordless vacuum lineup. Offering a 60 minute run time on standard mode, the Airstream+ is a perfect solution for homes of most sizes. The soft rollerbrush works great on both carpet and hardwood floors. The Airstream+ boasts 80″ of water lift, allowing it to clean deep into carpets. This vacuum is backed by a 1 year warranty.


The StickVac+

+ One of the most powerful cordless vacuums (80′ H20)
+ Durability (induction motor/brushless for extended life)
+ Up to 60 minutes of battery life (12 minutes on Turbo mode)
+ Ultra lightweight (5.2 lb)

+ Mini Motorized Nozzle and 6 other accessories (A value of up to $65)
+ 1 Year Warranty
+ Extra filter included


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