Central Vacuums

Built In Vacuums in BC Why a Central Vacuum? Bacteria Free - A central vacuum system with outdoor exhaust removes 100% of all viruses, pollens, and bacteria and expels them safely out of your home. Reduces Allergy Symptoms - According to a clinical study at the University of California at Davis, a central vacuum system reduces allergy symptoms by as much as 61%. 5x the power - With up to five times the power of a conventional vacuum cleaner, a Cana-Vac central vacuum system will help keep your carpets looking newer. Economical Investment - Unlike a canister vacuum, a central vacuum system is an economical investment in the resale value of your home whether it’s newer or older. Why Cana-Vac? Founded by Leonard Budd in 1970, Today, Cana-Vac Systems Inc, is Canada's largest central vacuum manufacturer with a combined manufacturing space totaling over 3.5 football fields. Cana-Vac has never wavered from producing premium quality central vacuum systems. Our vacuums are equipped with the most powerful motors in our industry Cana-Vac Continues to use only the best in Motors, filters, and assembly. The vacuum systems boast quality with motors provided by Ametek/ Lamb and a Hepa-membrane Filter. The Metal body doesn't warp under heat and wear. The motors are bolted into the body to reduce movement and improve motor-life. All Cana-Vac Canisters are built in Canada in Cana-Vac's manufacturing facility. Check out Cana-Vac's buyers guide here: http://canavac.com/buyers-guide/