Cana-Vac LS-490


The LS690 Central Vacuum is a sturdy, powerful, and reliable system that’s become a favourite with home owners in the Okanagan. This is based around the fact that the LS690 uses a 2-fan 5.7” motor directly from Ametek. The motor itself is a bypass system with a cooling fan which helps to keep the LS690 running cool no matter how long it’s in use for. The LS690 is rigid with it’s metal frame. Cana-Vac also opted to mount the motor with bolts instead of springs to ensure the motor stays in place from the factory to the wall. Cana-Vac is so confident with the construction of the LS Series that it’s given all LS vacuums a Limited Lifetime Warranty!


The LS690 is stated to work for homes up to 8’000sq.ft. however, we find optimal use is in homes 4’000sq.ft. and under!

Airwatts: 566
Filter: HEPA
Suction: 143″
Motor: Tangential Bypass
Motor Size: 5.7″
Bag Capacity: 19L
Canister style: Hybrid
warranty on machine: Limited Lifetime
warranty on Kit: 3 years


Rated for 8’000 Square feet, the compact LS-490 is not shy on power. This top-loading bagged system will comfortably clean any home up to 4’000sq. ft. It’s compact size means it works perfect for retro-fits or places will little storage space.

  • High Efficiency HEPA Filtration System that captures up to 99.97% of allergens @ .3 mircon.
  • Cooling Intake Muffler circulates fresh air during operation, allowing the motor to stay cool for a longer life and quiet operation.
  • 1 Allergen Bag included with all Signature™ models.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

It’s what’s inside that counts.

When you select the Signature™ Series of central vacuum systems, you immediately take a step up with the heavy duty performance and longevity of a Tangential Bypass Motor. Unlike Flow-Thru motors which use vacuumed air to cool the motor, Tangential motors have a dedicated “fresh air” cooling fan for optimal cooling. This maximizes its life expectancy and provides Signature™ with a premium source of power.

– 5.7 inch 2 Stage by-pass Motor
– Cooling intake muffler
– Automatic utility inlet
– Paper bag only sytem
– Limited lifetime warranty
– Dual intake
– Quick designed mounting bracket
– Limited lifetime warranty


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