Fit-All 2 Piece Turbo Head Set


2 Piece Air driven nozzle Kit.

Kit Includes:

Hand Held Turbo Nozzle with removable Pet Hair Attachment:

  • 4½ inches Wide. Compatible with 1¼ inch hoses and wands.

As the air passes through the turbo head, it turns a 4½ inch brush roll. This increases the amount of dust and dirt to be picked up. Ideal for use on stairs. It has a clip-on pet hair brush to pick up the stubborn pet hair.

Air driven powerhead:

  • With wheels
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for small carpets

Air driven powerhead for central vacuum. Ideal for the cleaning of small carpets and rugs. Its square edges allow to dust and clean corners and angles. The roller-brush speeds up with airflow and dislodges any dirt or dust. Light and small tool, easy to handle.


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