Miele Complete C3 PowerPlus


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Miele C3 Power Plus

Miele Complete C3 Power Plus Review (Canada), Cat & Dog Comparison | Pet My  CarpetOverview

The Miele C3 Power Plus is part of Miele’s Complete Vacuum Line. The Miele C3 is the best choice for anyone wanting a truly deep clean of their floors and home. Miele’s filtration system retains over 99.9% of the dust in the air while maintaining consistent power. The canisters themselves are simple and easy to use with full electric controls. Bags and filters are also easy to replace and sit firmly inside the machine to protect the motor from any contaminants. The one touch cord rewind allows for simple cleanup and offers 30 ft. of range. The c3’s 3 caster wheels allow for class leading mobility and usability. The motor is self-contained to both improve filtration and reduce noise. Tools are built into the canister and are always ready to go. All this is backed by Miele’s premium 5 year warranty.

Miele Complete C3 Power Plus Review (Canada), Cat & Dog Comparison | Pet My  CarpetFiltration

The Miele C1 Cat & Dog boasts exceptional performance with the standard bags and Airclean filters. Miele?s fully sealed filtration system removes upwards of 99.9% of particles and allergens. The?4.5L bags?found in the C1 Cat & Dog allow the motor to pull from all sides so performance lasts longer than with a conventional vacuum. The pre-motor filter ensures any dust that makes it past the bag is blocked before reaching the motor. The Airclean exhaust filter on the top of the vacuum catches any dust produced by the vacuum motor so the air coming out of the vacuum is pristine! Both the pre-motor filter and the Airclean filter are included with every pack of bags.

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The Miele C3 Power Plus maximizes power and efficiency thanks to it’s auto setting. The Power Plus will increase or reduce suction instantaneously based on whatever surface is being cleaned.? Simply push the buttons on the handle to choose the preferred setting or leave it in auto. The German built motor inside the C3 Power Plus maximized it?s 1200w input to deliver first class performance. This paired with the HyClean bag system ensures maximum performance for almost the whole bag life.


Interested in a bagless Miele? Check out the?CX1 Blizzard!

Miele C3 Power Plus Features:

Colour: Racing Green

SEB 236 Powernozzle

SBB 300-3 Floor Brush

Filter: HEPA

Range: 36′

Motor: 1200W

+/- Hand Controls with auto setting

Caster Wheels

Warranty: 5 years parts and Labour

Bag Capacity 4.5L (GN)

On Board Tools

Telescopic Wand