Wessel-Werk Air Driven Powerhead (1-1/4″)



For carpets the best method of pile regeneration.

Selected materials and special bearings as a foundation for a long service life.

With a flexible roller-brush and supplementary air-intake valve, the TK 270 is ideally equipped for optimal cleaning of different carpet types.

An easy-to-open cleaning flap to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Basic essential
Complete with rollers, the TK 270 is also ideal as basic cleaning equipment for carpet and hard floor coverings.


· Double swivel neck
· Roller-brush with durable trimming
· Cleaning flap for turbine and belt-drive
· Automatic air adjustment
· Turbine with ball bearings
· Flexible roller-brush
· Enclosed belt-drive with sitered driving gear
· 260 mm wide
· ABS cover with textured surface
· Abs base-plate with stainless steel side plates
· Four soft wheels, PVC blade


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